Piano Lessons
Classical Music with a Modern Approach
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Students at Sonica Studios will progress from beginner to advanced piano studies through a combination of method books, Royal Conservatory of Music materials, and supplemental resources in a variety of styles.

Lesson Content
Emphasis is placed on developing comprehensive musicianship through the integrated study of technique, theory, history, repertoire, and listening skills. In addition, students will have the option of exploring related fields such as improvisation, composition, and world music. Group theory lessons are also available at a discounted rate.

Students will have the opportunity to take advantage of the many technological resources available in the studio. Lessons will include access to educational music software, audio and video recording equipment, and music publishing services. Students will be able to see and hear recordings of their playing, see their compositions in print, and share their accomplishments with people around the globe!

Music is an art form that is meant to be explored and shared with others. Students will meet one another in informal gatherings and perform publicly in recitals; they will develop ensemble experience through duets and accompanying opportunities. Further, all students will be encouraged to attend and participate in arts-related events in the community in order to develop an appreciation for forms of expression that are beyond the scope of private piano instruction.

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